Classic Banjo : Rallies and Events  2020


John Willis 1935 - 2020

With great sadness I have to report that John Willis, banjoist, concertinerist, composer, canoeist, gold prospector, distiller of the dark arts passed away on 2nd July in a Sheffield Hospice.

A self-confessed "messer-abouter" John was reliable supporter of the Clowne Banjo Rally even when his eyesight was failing - last year he drove across with only one eye.

We could always rely on him to play a selection of his own compositions (on his own make of banjo) as well as making a strong contribution to the Community Numbers.

An engineer by trade he could make or mend almost anything!

In his youth he would drive to London to take part in the Federation Rallies and won several competitions over the years.

He also made a huge contribution to the Yorkshire Concertina Club.

He has left behind several books of original tunes which work equally well on English Concertina or Classic Banjo

- several several of these can be found on the classic banjo ning site - complete with a written out 2nd and in many cases a self-made recording.

Truly one of the lights of British Banjo has gone out.


 John Willis    c john